Will I be able to explain my case to an attorney without paying a fee?

Will I be able to explain…

Just about every lawyer who does my kind of work and myself and my firm included will see any client for free to sit down and discuss what happened, to get a feel for whether or not a case has promise or not. You know, I often get asked by folks who come into my office or call, do I have a case and the answer is always maybe, but they should understand it’s not a lawyer who decides whether or not they have a case. That unfortunately we don’t know until a judge or jury hears the case and either turns thumbs up or thumbs down on it. 

But what a lawyer can do in working with their client in the initial stages of a case -- and this comes free to the client -- they sit down and talk with the lawyer, is get an assessment about what the prospects are for thumbs up or thumbs down with a jury if the case pans out based on the evidence that we have early in the stages. Essentially the lawyer is trying to predict what a judge or a jury is likely to do. 

I have a very simple standard at my firm and my colleagues at Conlin Law Firm have the same standard. If I get to the point where I think the client has a good chance of winning their case and the amount that’s to be expected, the injury, the harm is substantial, I will take that case.

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