Why are you doing so much of your work in North Dakota?

Why are you doing so much…

Well, I am doing a lot of work in North Dakota because first of all I grew up there and I love the place. My mom’s 89 and still lives in the home where she raised all ten of her kids. So I love to get out to North Dakota. I still consider it home. But the oil boom of which Williston is the epicenter, and I grew up in Williston, is created a great haste with the efforts to get the oil and gas out of the ground.

I’ve been licensed in North Dakota for a very long time, handle cases out there, but now with the oil boom, so many trucks, so many drilling rigs have resulted in so many injuries and so many wrongful deaths. It has been a joy to be able to work out there and try to help these families who have been through these devastating injuries.

If they had slowed the pace a little bit they could have improved on safety. Unfortunately North Dakota has a bad reputation because it has the highest worker death rate in the country and that’s result of the oil boom over the last five years. It takes 2,000 trucks to complete one well, 2,000 semi loads of trucks. So you have all these trucks on the road and there’s tremendous competition among the oil companies to get the oil and gas out of the ground. And as we know from kindergarten, haste makes waste.

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