What types of cases are you seeing most frequently in North Dakota?

What types of cases are y…

Most of the cases we’re seeing in North Dakota are oil and gas-related and we’re working mostly in the western part of the state where the Bakken and Three Forks oil formations and shale formations are where all of the oil and gas drilling is going on. And it’s not just what’s happening on the roads. A lot of it is what’s happening at the rig sites and at the fluid processing places and all of the accessory industries that are necessary to get the oil and gas out of the ground. 

You’ve probably read in the newspaper people are flocking from all over the country to come to North Dakota and work. Unfortunately many of them arrive with no experience in the oil and gas field and they don’t get very good training quite frankly. A lot of them get very little training and they’re thrown into the job. We have cases where the person’s been on – many of our clients have been on a job just a few months when they suffered their injury, so and some of the wrongdoers who have caused these injuries have been on the job even less time than that, on their jobs.

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