What should I look for in a personal injury lawyer?

What should I look for in…

From time to time I have opportunities to answer questions from family or friends about what should I look for in a lawyer in some field other than my own, and I always say the same thing. Number one, you should be able to tell that they really care about what they’re doing and that they care more about you and your case than they do about their pocketbook. That’s number one and you can a lot of times tell whether they do by how well they listen. If they listen and they’re interested rather than doing all the talking that’s a good hallmark of caring enough.

I’d say the second thing is do they have a passion for their work. Do they love what they’re doing? A third thing is do they have the skill. Have they been trained well? Have they studied hard? Do they keep up on current developments in their field? I’d say the fourth thing that’s really important is experience. You know, if you had a broken shoulder you wouldn’t go to an ear, nose and throat doctor and medicine is highly specialized these days and so is the law. So for a personal injury or wrongful death case or a product liability case you do not want a lawyer who dabbles in it. You want someone who is in there every day doing that kind of thing for a living. 

And I would say the fifth and I think this is really important, a fifth thing I’d offer is do they have the tenacity. Will they hang in there against the forces that are trying to keep them from the truth or are denying or delaying or defending and saying not me? Does your lawyer have the tenacity and the perseverance to stay in there to the end?

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