What is unique about oil and gas-related injuries?

What is unique about oil…

What’s unique about oil and gas-related injuries is that -- you know we learned this concept in law school, ultra-hazardous activity. Oil and gas extraction is by its very nature an ultra-hazardous activity. Now I commend a lot of the producing oil companies for trying to make it safer and they do have safety programs in place, but again, there’s tremendous competition among these producers to get the oil and gas out of the ground. 

An oil bit goes two miles into the ground and then takes a 90 degree and then goes two miles out and it takes a long time to get that bit to the end of the well hole. And every bit of that aspect of the drilling is a dangerous activity. People are way up in the air on drilling platforms. People climb up to the top of those rigs that you’ve seen pictures of and they move pipe around. It’s just a very dangerous activity.

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