What are some of the most common personal injury claims to come out of plane crashes?

What are some of the most…

If a plane crashes – you asked about plane crashes. If a plane crashes something went wrong. A lot of times it’s pilot error in which case the pilot’s family or the pilot himself may not be able to sue, but the passengers may be able to make a claim against the pilot. A lot of times a service company that serviced the airplane didn’t do something right when they last serviced the airplane. They missed a cable that was fraying or the famous case I handled involved an oil plug that hadn’t been reinserted and so the oil drained out of the engine and the plane crashed as account of that.

So there’s lots of things that can go wrong with a plane crash. Often times it’s pilot, but sometimes it’s equipment. Sometimes the manufacturer of a particular piece of component part of the airplane made a mistake and the part broke or the part seized up or stopped functioning the way it did and the pilot lost control of the airplane on account of that. So all those are possibilities.

Sometimes the weather briefing was incorrect. You get a weather briefing and they don’t identify a coming storm and a pilot who can only fly in clear weather encounters a storm and a crash occurs because of that. So all those are possible ways in which things go wrong in an airplane.

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