Should I call the police immediately after I have been in a bicycle injury?

Should I call the police…

I pray that all of them are well enough to. Unfortunately some of them are not; some are not in a position to call the police, and that’s because they’ve either suffered a bad brain injury or some other kind of injuries that require immediate medical attention including being ambulanced from the scene. Fortunately, many times passersby come on the scene of a bike crash or maybe the bike’s been hit by a motor vehicle and the driver of that motor vehicle or the vehicle’s passengers has a cell phone and calls 911 right away. 

So when that 911 call goes out it goes to a dispatch center which allows both the summoning of medical care and police coverage to the scene. And so I don’t know that any bicyclist needs to tuck away the need to call police immediately after an incident, but if 911 is not called or if the police are not called to the scene, if it looks like everything is going to be fine, I wouldn’t recommend that. If there’s been a bike crash, secure the bike, call the police to the scene so they can conduct an investigation, get the names of witnesses, get the names of the drivers involved, the rider, any passengers in the car. All that kind of thing is extremely important.

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