Is workers’ compensation the only remedy available to an injured worker in an oil and gas-related incident?

Is workers’ compensatio…

Now in virtually every oil and gas-related incident workers’ compensation is almost always available and it’s the first source of compensation for many of these people who are injured. Unfortunately for a lot of them it’s the only source of compensation because workers’ compensation replaces any claim that you might want to bring against a negligent co-worker or a negligent employer. 

You cannot sue them typically, but many times there are multiple contributors to something that went wrong either on the road or a rig site or at a processing facility. And where there are non-employer entities, what we sometimes call third-party entities who are involved in bringing about the harm, they can be sued. They are not – the person who was injured is not precluded from suing them to the extent that they contributed to the injury or wrongful death.

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