How have local hospitals been affected by the growing number of injured workers in western North Dakota?

How have local hospitals…

The main medical care providers in the oil patch are overwhelmed with these injuries and many of them very, very serious and we have clients who were treated in the emergency room one day and waited four or five hours then returned the next day for additional room treatment and were told that they would wait 15 hours before they would get into the treatment room. And some of those clients couldn’t wait that long. It’s painful to sit in the doctor’s office. Some of them left and thereby didn’t get treatment.

I know that the doctors and the medical care professionals throughout that area are absolutely overwhelmed. They’re scheduling regular appointments, you know, the non-emergency ones out months. New facilities are being built but in terms of the existing medical professionals to handle the capacity to treat all of these oil and gas related injuries all of these medical facilities are tremendously understaffed and consequently the medical care suffers.

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