How are plane crashes and accidents investigated?

How are plane crashes and…

Plane crashes are investigated much the same way we investigate anything. You can investigate it privately, but in the case of airplane and jet crashes, you have also the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board, the NTSB who investigate these on behalf of the federal government. And those can be critical investigations. Typically an experienced investigator is assigned to determine the cause of the crash. You might wait months; you might wait years for a finding by the FAA or the NTSB as to the cause of crash.

You know, the plane, Malaysia Airlines, the plane went down presumably in the Pacific. We may never find out what happened to that plane, but normally, the public authorities, the FAA or the NTSB answer the question first instance, but sometimes they miss stuff too which is why when I’m looking at a plane crash I almost always hire a private investigator who is working for me to assess the cause of the crash on his or her own.

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