At what point do personal injury lawyers become involved in a plane crash investigation?

At what point do personal…

As early as we can be, we’d like to know because the wreckage itself, the scene, when I’ve investigated plane crashes I would like to be there while the aircraft is resting where it came down whether it was in a lake or whether it was on land I would like to get photographs and have my investigator on the scene of that plane crash right where it came down.

So I think it’s very, very important. You know, these are tough investigations because a lot of times there have been fires and you’ve got to try to sift through the evidence to try to see what went wrong. Sometimes the plane skipped along to where it came to final rest. You want to get those markings because sometimes they can tell you whether the plane was upright, whether it was on its side, whether it was upside down. So you want to get there at the beginning and be part and parcel of securing the aircraft as forensic evidence.

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