At what point after my accident should I pursue a personal injury claim?

At what point after my ac…

Don’t worry about the claim. That can always come later, okay, but worry about the potential of a claim right away. And that requires that a person – unless someone has been injured is absolutely certain that that injury won’t linger, unless they’re absolutely certain that they’re going to get well, they should call a lawyer because it costs nothing to do so. 

And maybe that lawyer, if called right away, can get evidence that down the road may or may not be needed. But if it is needed and it’s not obtained at the beginning, it’s very frustrating when people come into my office a year or two or three after the incident has occurred and they say well, I thought I was going to get well or I thought the insurance company would treat me fairly and I’m shocked to find out they haven’t. 

And now I’m handicapped and trying to pursue that case because the vehicles are no longer available for inspection or the motorcycle is gone or the bike’s been sold at a rummage sale or junked. And now I’ve got to go back and try to find that evidence. So the best thing they can do at the beginning is not necessarily pursue a claim but they can call a lawyer so that the lawyer can make sure that the evidence is preserved in case they need it.

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