When my wife was injured, I called a friend who happens to be a lawyer and asked if he knew of a top attorney to handle our case. Without hesitation, he recommended Tom Conlin. He told me Tom was the only one for the job. I took his advice and contacted the Conlin Law Firm. Shortly after Tom and Maria came to our house to discuss the details of our case. Tom went through the timeline of events, taking detailed notes and asking a lot of questions. After we discussed the accident, Tom went over a game plan with us. At the end of our case, we looked back and realized the course things took was exactly the one Tom spelled out for us at the beginning. We always felt like we had the right team on our side. Tom and staff know the law, have excellent negotiation skills and they are not afraid to go to court. We are very pleased with our work with Conlin Law Firm and would recommend them to friends and family.