Snowmobile Injuries

Snowmobile Injuries

Living in the upper Midwest has many benefits, including the availability of outdoor activities such as snowmobiliing. However, an exhilarating ride over crisp, snowy terrain can turn from thrilling to terrifying in the moment that an accident occurs.

Accidents involving snowmobiles, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles often involve negligence, recklessness, or even willful misconduct on the part of an operator. In some accidents, product liability may be involved, such as where there is a design or manufacturing defect that makes the vehicle unsafe.

Whatever the cause, snowmobile accidents can lead to devastating injuries or death. For those affected by a snowmobile accident, the injury itself is the beginning of a long and difficult road to recovery. Conlin Law Firm can help.

Working Together to Help Accident Victims Recover

We believe that snowmobile accident victims should be able to focus on their physical and emotional recovery--on getting their lives back to normal, as far as that is possible. The clients who come to our office aren't looking to get rich from their injuries, but they do need and deserve money for their medical treatment and to care for their families while they're unable to.

Unfortunately, accident victims must file claims for recovery for their injuries just when they're most vulnerable and have the fewest resources. They are pitted against large insurance companies and their experienced lawyers, who do not represent accident victims' interests. Under these circumstances, many snowmobile accident victims settle for a much smaller settlement than they need, or have difficulty recovering any funds at all, unless they have strong legal advocacy of their own.

In the area of personal injury law, it costs no more to hire a good lawyer than an inexperienced or unskilled one, and the right attorney can make a world of difference. Conlin Law Firm has over thirty years of experience helping victims of snowmobile and other recreational vehicle accidents, and an impressive track record of success in these cases.

Putting Our Skills and Support to Work for Snowmobile Accident Victims

Conlin Law Firm's attorneys focus not only on the facts and law of the case, but on the needs of our clients. In an initial consultation, either by phone or in person, we gather information that will help us analyze the legal case and explain it to our clients. We also build in plenty of time to answer questions and offer support. If we don't believe there's a viable case, we'll explain why and help the accident victim explore other options.

If we think there is a solid case, we begin a process of much more in-depth investigation, including consulting experts, interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records, and gathering other evidence. We keep our clients well informed of their cases' progress, working not just for them but with them. Conlin Law Firm deliberately maintains a low volume of cases so we can be actively and completely involved with each case and client. With over three decades of personal injury experience, we know that not every case goes to trial, but we prepare each case as if trial is certain; we know our clients get the best outcomes from thorough, detailed preparation.

We encourage snowmobile accident victims who are wondering if they have a legal case to contact us as soon as possible. A consultation with Conlin Law Firm will resolve worries and answer questions. In addition, the earlier a case is brought to us, the better our opportunity to locate witnesses and preserve evidence that might otherwise be lost to delay.

We invite you to contact Conlin Law Firm at 952-252-0490 or 1-888-296-3062 to schedule a free, confidential consultation by phone or in person. We’re here to help.