Railroad Crossing Crashes

Railroad Crossing Crashes

Railroad crossing crashes are sudden, violent, and deadly. Victims are often young, and families are always devastated by their loss. In the aftermath of such accidents, families are understandably focused on grieving and taking care of their loved one's final details.

This period of grief is difficult enough, but it is often complicated by uncertainty, as survivors are haunted by unanswered questions about the accident. In addition, there is anxiety for the future that no longer includes their loved one. Answers about the accident are typically not forthcoming from the railroad company.

In light of all of this, grieving families may not make it a priority to consult with an attorney. However, consulting with the right attorney can lead to much-needed answers both about what happened in the accident, and what will happen next. Conlin Law Firm has experience with railroad crossing crashes and train accidents, and with guiding families through the difficult but necessary process of a legal action against a railroad company.

Giving Survivors the Support and Answers they Need

Some railroad crossing crashes are caused by inattentiveness of a driver at a railroad crossing. But there are other causes of such accidents, including poorly designed warnings and equipment failure. It's difficult to know what caused an accident without access to the evidence. Conlin Law Firm seeks to give families the answers that will help them to move forward.

We begin with an initial consultation, either in person or by phone. In addition to gathering factual information, we simply listen to prospective clients, offering understanding, support, and any answers that are available. Many people remark that the first time they truly feel their concerns are heard is when they speak to a member of our team.

Conlin Law Firm takes pride in being straightforward with clients and prospective clients. If, after an initial investigation, we don't feel that we can help an accident victim or survivor, we will let them know and help them explore other options. If we do feel that we can offer a benefit by representing them, we'll proceed with more in-depth investigation, including police records, eyewitness accounts, and the gathering and preservation of other evidence to support their injury or wrongful death case.

Offering Clients Thirty Years of Experience with Railroad Accidents

The attorneys and staff at Conlin Law Firm are honored to be able to offer our legal skill and personal support to every client and their family. We have been working in personal injury law for over three decades and have tried countless cases. Because of this experience, we are often able to put clients' minds at rest by giving them a "road map" of what to expect in the legal process. Our goal is to take legal worries off our client's plate so they can concentrate on their family's needs.

We never lose sight of the big picture, which is to restore our clients to the best life possible post accident. We try to secure for our clients the best recovery we can obtain, with as little trauma to them as possible. Most cases end in settlement rather than trial. Our reputation for diligent case investigation and preparation enables us to secure higher settlements from insurance companies who understand we will try a case if that is best for our client. Conlin Law Firm is able to devote as much time and attention to each client and their case as they need, because the firm deliberately maintains a low case volume. Our emphasis is on quality of service and outcome, rather than volume.

We encourage families affected by railroad crossing accidents to contact us as soon as possible. A consultation with Conlin Law Firm will resolve worries, questions and concerns that only an attorney with experience in these matters can address. In addition, the earlier a case is brought to us, the better our opportunity to locate witnesses and preserve evidence that might otherwise be lost to delay.

We invite you to contact Conlin Law Firm at 952-252-0490 or 1-888-296-3062 to schedule a free, confidential consultation by phone or in person. We’re here to help.