Motorcycle and Car Accidents

Motorcycle and Car Accide…

It should be straightforward: if a driver causes an accident, and they were insured, their insurance company should pay for the damage and injury they caused. Rarely, however, is it that simple. Insurance companies are businesses. Businesses exist to make money. Insurance companies make less money when they pay more claims. This means they have no incentive to make the claims process easier or faster for accident victims.

What makes the process even more stressful is that car accident victims are going up against this system at the very time they're in the most need and the most pain. They are no match for insurance companies and their battalions of lawyers without representation of their own. Fortunately, in this field of law, it costs no more to have strong, knowledgeable representation than to have an inexperienced attorney. Conlin Law Firm has more than 30 years of experience helping motorcycle and car accident victims and their families, in settlement discussions and in court.

Conlin Law Works With and For Car and Motorcycle Accident Victims

Our skilled, compassionate attorneys focus on making the recovery process easier for our clients, not more stressful. We know that our clients have spent many sleepless nights waiting for resolution of their claims, wondering if they are being treated fairly or have a legal case, and worrying about the future. When they call Conlin Law Firm, we work to put their worries to rest.

We begin with a consultation by phone or in person, whichever is easiest for the prospective client. During that consultation, we start gathering the information we need to assess potential cases and help accident victims understand their rights and legal position. We take time to answer questions and offer support, because our primary concern is not with the case; it's with the person and family behind it.

Our attorneys are straightforward and honest in their assessment of cases. If we decide that, based on the circumstances, we can help someone by taking on their case, we begin a deeper and more thorough investigation, including reviewing medical records, interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence and examining accident sites. Because our clients deserve to understand what's going on with their cases, we keep them informed at every turn, giving them the information they need to make decisions.

Offering Clients the Compassionate Advocacy They Need

Most of our clients are self-reliant people who never imagined they'd need to sue someone, but suddenly find themselves needing legal help. The attorneys and staff at Conlin Law Firm are honored to be able to offer our legal skill and personal support to clients. We have three decades' worth of knowledge of personal injury law, the workings of insurance companies, and trial experience. Our goal is to take legal worries off our clients' plates so they can concentrate on their recovery and their family.

While we know that many cases end in settlement, we prepare every case with the attention to detail it would get as if it were going to trial. Our reputation for diligent case investigation and preparation enables us to secure higher settlements from insurance companies who understand we will take the case to trial if we need to. Conlin Law Firm can devote plenty of time to each client and their case because the firm deliberately maintains a low case volume. We would prefer to handle a few cases very well than many cases just adequately.

We encourage motorcycle and car accident victims to contact us as soon as possible. A consultation with Conlin Law Firm will resolve worries, questions and concerns that require knowledge of the insurance industry and the legal process. In addition, the earlier a case is brought to us, the better our opportunity to locate witnesses and preserve evidence that might otherwise be lost to delay.

We invite you to contact Conlin Law Firm at 952-252-0490 or 1-888-296-3062 to schedule a free, confidential consultation by phone or in person. We’re here to help.