Airplane Crashes

Airplane Crashes

Airplane crashes, though not as common as some other types of accidents, are often deadly. For people who have been seriously injured in a plane crash, or those who have lost a loved one in one, significant medical expenses, loss of income, physical and emotional pain, and the inability to function as before are common.

Understanding the cause of an airplane crash can be more complicated, and more time-consuming, than resolving these issues with other types of accidents. These crashes are commonly caused by pilot error, pilot fatigue, equipment failure, or a combination of factors that involves some type of negligence.

In addition to needing to address financial concerns, victims and survivors need answers about what happened, and a road map for what happens next. Conlin Law Firm is here to help resolve claims and questions for our clients.

Conlin Law Helps Minnesota Plane Crash Victims and Their Families Recover

Conlin Law Firm has over thirty years of experience dealing with personal injury claims of all types, including plane crash injuries. While we're proud of our legal skill and experience, we are equally proud of our ability to connect with clients and help to lay their worries to rest. Many of our clients hesitated to call an attorney, but tell us how much better they felt after talking to someone at Conlin Law Firm.

We begin with a consultation by phone or in person, whichever best meets a prospective client's needs. The initial consultation is a time for gathering factual information that will help us investigate the case, but it is also a time for letting people air their concerns and ask the questions that only an attorney with experience in these matters can answer.

The initial consultation is only the first step in a thorough investigation which includes consulting with industry experts, reviewing medical records, gathering evidence, and much more. We understand that a serious injury accident such as a plane crash can make life feel out of control for victims and survivors, so Conlin Law Firm makes a point of keeping families informed of the progress of their case. We view our clients as partners in their legal matter. They have important decisions to make; our job is to give them the information and advice they need to make those decisions wisely.

Strong Advocacy and Consistent Support for Plane Crash Victims

Many of our clients tell us they never imagined they'd ever file a lawsuit. After failing to get answers about their injury or loss from the airline, airport, or insurance company, however, they find themselves needing legal help. Conlin Law Firm takes pride in being able to offer both powerful advocacy and personal support to each client and their family. We have three decades' worth of knowledge of plane crash law and the workings of insurance companies--and we are seasoned litigators. Our focus is on managing our clients' legal concerns so that they can feel free to focus on their recovery.

Conlin Law Firm very deliberately maintains a low case volume so that we can give every case and every client the attention they deserve. We know that many cases end in settlement, not trial, but we prepare every case as carefully as if it were going to trial. It is our experience that a thoroughly and painstakingly prepared case results in better settlement offers for our clients and better results at trial. At the end of the day, we want our clients to feel that they have all the resources they need to move forward with their lives.

We encourage plane crash victims or their families to contact us as soon as they are able. A consultation with one of Conlin Law Firm's attorneys will resolve concerns that only an experienced personal injury attorney can address. In addition, the earlier a case is brought to us, the better our opportunity to locate witnesses and preserve evidence that might otherwise be lost to delay.

We invite you to contact Conlin Law Firm at 952-252-0490 or 1-888-296-3062 to schedule a free, confidential consultation by phone or in person. We’re here to help.