How should I look for a lawyer?

What makes a good lawyer is a matter of opinion, but when selecting your attorney, here are a few things to think about. First, the attorney should have experience in the specific area of law you need. For instance, if you are looking for a personal injury attorney after a serious injury, it's not enough that a lawyer advertises as a personal injury attorney. How much of his or her practice is personal injury? Does the attorney deal with really serious, life changing injuries, or does he or she file a lot of lawsuits for relatively minor injuries?

Just as important as experience is your comfort level with the attorney. Accordingly, you should actually meet the attorney who will be working on your case. The process of a lawsuit is often long and stressful, so you are going to be working with this person and his or her staff for a while. Does the attorney take time to answer your questions? Do you feel rushed, or as if you're not being heard during an initial appointment or phone call? An attorney who is not attentive to your needs at the beginning of the relationship is not likely to become more attentive once he or she has your business.