When we first met, everything was spelled out with accuracy.  There wasn’t a bunch of hype and pie in the sky figures, and we appreciated this.


I’m Tom Conlin, the owner of Conlin Law Firm, and I would like to help you.  For almost 30 years, I have been helping families and individuals get back on their feet after experiencing the loss of a loved one or a serious personal injury.  I recognize that my clients wish they would never have needed a personal injury lawyer in first place, but they do.  Because we care about our clients so much, we have been getting them extraordinary results.

Choosing a good lawyer, the right lawyer for you, is really important.  I invite you to check me out... here on my website, by calling me to ask questions, but also by asking around.  I am confident that after you have checked me out, you’ll find that I can be the right lawyer for your case.

Give me a call.  It will cost you nothing to tell me about your case.  My firm is paid only if we are successful for you.  If I’m not the right lawyer for your case, I might be able to help you find a lawyer who is.

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North Dakota Oil Field Injuries

Snowmobile Accidents

Motorcycle & Car Accidents

Airplane Crashes

Defective Products

Past Results

$4.2 million settlement for spinal cord injury involving defective recreational vehicle

$1.8 million settlement in piling injury case

$1.6 million settlement for defective truck underride guard

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